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Virtual Reality in Corporate Training

February 14, 2018


Virtual Reality: Fun (and Effective) Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training is a critical part of employee orientation and ongoing education, but Virtual Reality is changing how businesses are doing it. Imagine a fully immersive, hands-on training session in addition to (or in place of) informational videos and paper packets. Imagine employees excited to begin training each day. No, it’s not an illusion. It’s (virtual) reality. This is actually happening all over the country.


Walmart implemented VR education to 31 of their training academies at the start of 2017 and, because of its success, rolled the technology out to all 200 academies by the end of the year. And they weren’t the first to do it. Oil companies have been using VR job training for work on oil rigs since 2014, and healthcare organizations have been utilizing the technology to teach complex medical procedures for just as long.


Studies have identified four primary types of learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic. The last of these—kinesthetic (hands-on) learning—is considered the most effective style of learning for absorption and memory retention. If that’s not enough to get you thinking, consider this: By utilizing 360 degree video technology and including visual aids, audio, and on-screen text, Virtual Reality is the only medium that effectively combines all four styles of learning into one experience.


Breaking Down the Benefits of VR in Corporate Training

VR provides a life-like, simulated work environment without the danger, safety concerns, or waste associated with most on the job training. Its applications are varied and virtually endless. From instructing a restaurant worker to properly dress a dinner plate, to allowing an architect to see the flaws in his design, to training pilots and firefighters without subjecting them to the dangers of the job, Virtual Reality can be a powerful learning tool.   


Let’s look at all the benefits:


  • Fun and Engaging: Face it … corporate training doesn’t typically make the cut for “Top Ten Things I Love About My Job.” Employees prefer to interact with content, and VR adds fun and excitement to the experience.

  • Retention Rates: Virtual Reality Training has swept the floor with traditional training methods. Studies show that VR training produces memory retention rates of up to 80% while standard training methods come in at about 20%.

  • Safety: Live training can be dangerous in certain industries. With VR training, military members, emergency responders, pilots, surgeons, and divers (among others) can safely practice their duties in a safe, simulated environment.

  • Cost: Hands-on training can be costly, particularly in industries where hands-on training requires the use, and inevitable waste, of products while trainees are learning. Offering a virtual alternative saves on training costs and protects your bottom line.

  • Remote Training: Often, continuing education and training requires travel which costs your business time and money—not to mention the headaches involved with scheduling and logistics. Virtual Reality technology offers a remote location that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Simply put, it’s convenient.

Who said learning couldn’t be fun, productive, safe, practical, and cost-effective? Immersive VR technology creates an effective, comprehensive training environment that saves your business time and money while generating buzz and excitement from trainees. The best part? Employees are better trained, and it’s fun for everyone.


About Black Tent
Black Tent is an award-winning 360° virtual reality video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We help innovative companies, universities, and brands nationwide connect with their audiences through immersive experiences. Learn more at www.blacktent360.com or follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@blacktentmedia) and Facebook (Black Tent Media).


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