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Virtual Reality for Trade Shows & Live Events

February 14, 2018


Top Brands Turn to 360° VR for Interactive Exhibits

In an exhibit hall packed with high tech flashy displays, it’s difficult for a business to stand out in the crowd. That’s why top brands are using fully immersive, 360 Degree Virtual Reality Trade Show Videos at trade shows. The aim is simple—increase traffic. The results? Lines of people waiting to approach the booths. Success doesn’t look much better than that.  


VR marketing isn’t a new concept—it’s been steadily growing over the past few years—but its appearance in trade shows and live events has changed the game. Virtual Reality trade show applications and videos allow the audience to interact with a business in ways that aren’t possible with traditional digital media. And it isn’t just for the tech companies either. In 2016, McDonald’s offered attendees of SXSW the unique opportunity to paint their way out of a VR Happy Meal Box. By utilizing Virtual Reality Video, participants didn’t just interact with the product, they climbed inside of it.


Think it’s all just fun and games? Think again. (Okay, VR is fun no matter what, but it isn’t just for games.)


Take Prospects Out of the Exhibit Hall and Into Your World with VR Video

A recent study by Greenlight VR shows that cinematic content generates more interest among consumers than games. The biggest benefit for tradeshow videos? Unlimited floor space. Rather than hauling in and assembling elaborate displays to showcase a product or facility, businesses can take visitors right into their world.


Immersive Virtual Reality Trade Show Videos takes the audience somewhere they’ve never been and, when done well, somewhere they want to go again. This has enormous potential for converting visitors to actual customers. Approximately 80% percent of VR participants talk about their experience and nearly all of them seek to repeat it. With mobile-friendly content and inexpensive portable headsets like Google Cardboard, trade show visitors can take a product or business home. And in today’s world where individuals like to share their experiences, a hundred trade show attendees could easily convert to thousands of leads. 


Tips for Using Virtual Reality Technology at a Trade Show or Live Event

Just offering VR content at your booth will ensure a serious uptick in visitors, but you want to make sure they don’t leave queasy or worse, bored. Things to consider with 360° Virtual Reality Videos:

  • Assume that all participants are first-time VR users and plan accordingly

  • Scare tactics, rapid motions, and closely placed objects should be used with caution

  • Let participants know if they will be doing anything extreme, like skydiving

  • Offer seating to participants, particularly if your video includes motion

  • For a fully immersive VR experience, make sure to incorporate sound

  • Keep the video at a reasonable length to avoid boredom and long wait times

  • Make a plan to engage the attendees who are waiting

  • Take and share photos of participants interacting with your virtual reality video

  • Enjoy the experience

If you’re still on the fence about Virtual Reality Marketing, consider this: Nearly 75% of the world’s most prominent brands are using VR technology to interact with the public and it’s estimated that, by 2020, over a billion people will regularly access AR and VR content. Virtual Reality is here.



About Black Tent
Black Tent is an award-winning 360° virtual reality video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We help innovative companies, universities, and brands nationwide connect with their audiences through immersive experiences. Learn more at www.blacktent360.com or follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@blacktentmedia) and Facebook (Black Tent Media).

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